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The Quality

The companies operating in food industry have to deal with raised demands of their buyers, wholesale and retail trade networks and state executive departments that are strictly controlling the quality of production, standardize the marking and distribution processes and tracking of produced goods.

Correspondence to these demands becomes the necessary condition to be present on the market and is a stimulating factor of constant rationalization of supply chains and improvement of production quality.

Today, in order to make consumers confident that they shall receive the goods of the quality they need from the producer, additional guarantees are required.

Our production has high competitive ability and is successfully accepted at the world market. All our ships are certified to import production to the EU countries and our company is also on in the list of enterprises possessing the right to export regulated shipments to the Russian Federation.

Our production is certified and our own implemented system of quality control is serving as a proof to our consumers that all the conditions are present to guarantee the stable quality product release.