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About the company

The company was founded on August 20-th, 1998, and initially engaged in fishing activities in the Waters of Baltic on small fleet ships. The first vessel named “KILTSI” was bought on August 25-th, 1998, and on April 27-th, 1999, the small vessel fleet belonging the company was joined by “KENTAURS”.

The first vessel RTMS “Tamula” was acquired on March of 2002, and besides fishing in the Waters of Baltic on small fleet ships the company achieved an international level and began fishing for food fish in the Waters of Atlantic. This step served as the basis for development of the company as the largest ship-owner in Latvia. Another vessel RTMS “Kauguri” was acquired on August of 2005 and the first freezer trawler “Marshal Krylov” of Nikolayev construction “Pulkovskiy meridiane” type became part of the company’s fleet on April of 2008. On December of 2008 was bought another freezer trawler “Marshal Vasilevskiy”. Currently the company “Baltreids” is one of the largest ship-owning and fishing companies in the Baltic States and continues its dynamic development.